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A lot of things on your face feel good shoved into vagina ... not just your tongue. Use your lips (as long as they're not covered in whiskers - for fucks' sake guys, trim your 'stache.)

Pat Heath studied at the Musicians Institute in London and is a professional rock and fusion guitarist, and ESP Guitars...

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…an idea is not a theme, a general truth, a platitude or a big goal. “Everyone wants to feel included” is not an idea, it’s a general truth. “Empowering women” is not an idea, it’s a topic.

I’m not sure if I’m more in love with the music or the pictures of the blank tapes… who am I kidding? It’s the music. Brilliant. Thank you.

Some of the highlights for me were Jan Kincaid's lead vocals on their track Heaven and Dawn Joseph on their song Sometimes. What I came to learn as well is that this band are performers and they give a great performance for the money paid to buy the ticket. I went home after the gig and went and gave a listen to more of their songs and everything I really enjoyed a lot.

The impressive band keep switching it up and raise the tempo with the great Jerry Barnes providing the funky bass and groove for the rest to follow. They fill every gap in Rodgers choppy rhythm guitar style. Props to Kimberly Davis on lead vocals for most of the night, what a talent. I could mention every band member.

Carleen Anderson - True Spirit (The Remixes)Carleen Anderson - True Spirit (The Remixes)Carleen Anderson - True Spirit (The Remixes)Carleen Anderson - True Spirit (The Remixes)