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Adam Craig is a student studying at Glasgow Caledonian University within the School of Engineering and Built Environment. After obtaining a first class honours in his undergraduate Audio Technology degree in 2011, Adam went on to embark on a concentrating his research on using advanced audio technology for the creation of environmental sound maps. Is currently a member of the AudioLab Research team at GCU and is a member of the Institute of Acoustics and the Audio Engineering Society. Out with his academic research, Adam also teaches sound engineering to high-school students within his local education authority.

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As an aside, if you’d like to submit your music directly to individual professionals, Fluence is the way to go.  I’ve been using it for months on the music professional side, and plan to write about it soon. Feel free to submit your content to me here  for feedback. If I like it, I may share it with my not-insubstantial following on Twitter .

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That's not to say that sonic weapons can't do harm. Earlier this year in Jerusalem, the Israeli Army used a device nicknamed "The Scream" to scatter protest groups. The Scream sends out noise at frequencies that affect the inner ear, creating dizziness and nausea. The device can also cause hearing damage.

Sound Crowd - The Public Image EPSound Crowd - The Public Image EPSound Crowd - The Public Image EPSound Crowd - The Public Image EP